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and nearly every

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An expert way to manage all email accounts
and nearly every

Smartest push notifications. Ever

Your email provider doesn’t support push notifications? With myMail it does.

Tell Mail.my.com when to “push” you

Hate it when an email wakes you at night or distracts you from your barbecue? Choose when you want to receive push notifications.

Focus on what’s important

You can turn off push notifications for any social networks or sales promotions with just one tap. What’s more, you can turn off notifications for certain contacts, folders or domains.

Make those notifications private

Keep your correspondence private from all those snooping eyes. myMail enables you to hide sender and/or subject from popping up on your screen.

Your email provider doesn’t support push notifications? With Mail.my.com it does.

Just log in to your accounts and receive push notifications about new messages in all your email mailboxes.

Make it personal. Make it visual

Bring avatars to your inbox

myMail brings profile pictures of your contacts to your message list. Take a look at your inbox to instantly know who’s writing you.

Icons for popular online services

myMail displays icons from popular services so that you can recognize the sender in a blink.

Your contacts' names, visualized

Your friends don’t use an avatar? We’ll do it for them! For a contact that has no avatar, myMail displays the first letter of the contact’s name.

Beautiful and easy interface

myMail does exactly what it’s meant to do – help you manage your emails – and it does this incredibly well.

Flat design for a sleek and usable interface

With a clear layout, icons and profile pictures, myMail lets you quickly see what’s going on even before you take a closer look at the message list.

All your accounts at your fingertips

Swipe to access your accounts list and see the number of unread messages in each mailbox and folder.

Keep your focus sharp

The use of typography and colors is optimized to remove distractions and help you concentrate on what is important. What’s more, myMail brings out the content, providing you with visual previews and a built-in attachment viewer.

Swipe for more

Swipe a message to manage it: mark as unread, flag, move to another folder, mark as spam or delete.

A UI to enjoy

A truly aesthetic design from the moment when you open the app.

Speed up your email

100% native code makes myMail fast and stable.

Higher speed / less traffic

Traffic compression brings your messages into your mailbox quickly. So you can use your data plan for other things, like watching that cool video.

Preview images

Previews give you a glimpse of images without downloading them to your device.

Optimized for high performance

Brings your email in superfast even if the number of messages and contacts you have grows to an amazing size.

Forward without downloading

Forwarding emails with attachments won't waste your time or data limits.

To power users, with love

All your contacts close at hand!

Import your contacts from all your email accounts. Access frequent contacts easily. Start typing name or email and myMail will suggest best matching contacts from all of your address book.

Search and find. Really fast

Smart search filters enable you to find that email you are looking for in a snap. No matter how old that message may be — you can search your entire email history. And you don’t need to remember the precise wording: myMail has search suggestions for that.

Your emails, protected

Check your email via public Wi-Fi while sipping your latte in a café - myMail supports traffic encryption ensuring that all your data is protected.

Send them all!

Share all those party photos with a few taps! Pick a bunch of pictures from your photo gallery all at once.

How It All Started

We sketched the app’s main screens in search of great UX solutions.After dozens of iterations we came to something like this
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